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    Managing time periods



      Managing time periods


      I have a paper form which needs to be replicated into Filemaker, I want to manage it in a way that is reportable and not just text values. The values are different instances of time (see attached image)

      It would be preferred if they were in a checkbox set still, because people might want to select multiple time periods, currently I couldn't report say on how many hours 7am-9am was if that makes sense? 




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           This isn't really the right way to go about this.  What if they pick multiple days and times?  How would you know which day went with which time or times?

          Could you describe a little more about what you are trying to accomplish?  Is this a timesheet/sign up sheet?  If its some kind of session, it should only allow one checkbox for days and one for times to be selected, with each 'form' being a session record.

          As far as reporting, are you saying you want to know how many people picked Monday 7-9 am, or if 10 people picked that time slot, how many hours that represents, or both?

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            To calculate elapsed time, you would normally use two fields for the start and end times and subtract them to get the elapsed time. If the interval is always the same, however, you might just store the value for that interval.

            And to better tabulate results, think in terms of a related table of records where each record in the related table specifies exactly one date and one time interval. This would make tabulating the total time for a specific day of the week fairly straight forward.

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              It's basically a client's requirement request, a one time thing. So they require visits on X day, Y day and these times... 

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                That doesn't prevent you from setting it up as I have suggested. And using a related table does not make it impossible to set up the screen format shown.