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Managing users...

Question asked by productionQC on Mar 19, 2013
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Managing users...



     I am about to finish up my database and move it over to FMP server.  I am about to start adding users and I have assigned a couple with their limitations.  My question is this, How do I hide the menus at the top from useres (file, edit, view etc.).  I used a "hide lock" script for the edit button at the bottom, but it obviously does this for every user.  Is there a way to give admin all menus and edit button, but other users don't have access to any of the afformentioned?

     Secondly, when a user trys to enter a restricted layout the system dispalys a page that says "<No Access>" and the user is trapped on that page and must exit and restart to get going again.  Is there a way to give a custom message and return them to their previous page, or another way of doing this.  I have a main menu and someone clicks on a department that they are not authorized for they end up trapped on the "<No Access>" screen.

     Thank you in advance!