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    Managing users...



      Managing users...



           I am about to finish up my database and move it over to FMP server.  I am about to start adding users and I have assigned a couple with their limitations.  My question is this, How do I hide the menus at the top from useres (file, edit, view etc.).  I used a "hide lock" script for the edit button at the bottom, but it obviously does this for every user.  Is there a way to give admin all menus and edit button, but other users don't have access to any of the afformentioned?

           Secondly, when a user trys to enter a restricted layout the system dispalys a page that says "<No Access>" and the user is trapped on that page and must exit and restart to get going again.  Is there a way to give a custom message and return them to their previous page, or another way of doing this.  I have a main menu and someone clicks on a department that they are not authorized for they end up trapped on the "<No Access>" screen.

           Thank you in advance!

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               If you have FileMaker Advanced, you can use the Install Menu set script to install different menu sets for a given layout based on the user's privilege set name. (There's a get function you can use to determine the user's privilege set name.)

               If you do not have advanced, take a look at the "available menu commands" option in the privilege set up dialog. It's not nearly as flexible as a custom menu, but it does give you some control over what menu commands are available for a given user.

               Likewise, you can use a script for changing layouts. The script can check the user's privilege set name and pop up an error if it's not a user permitted access to the layout.

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                 Hi Phil-

                 Thanks for your reply.  We are using Advanced.  If possible can you elaborate on Install Menu set script.  Maybe you could point me to an example of such a script.

                 Also, the same for a script for changing layouts.


                 Thank you kindly,



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                   Let's pretend you have two privilege sets: [Full Access] and Limited.

                   You can use manage | custom Menus to create a custom menu set named "limited".

                   Script 1: (won't take a user to a layout for which they are denied access)

                   If [ Get ( AccountPrivilegeSetName ) = "Limited" ]
                      Show Custom Dialog ["Your access privileges do not permit you to access the layout for this department"]
                      Go to Layout [...
                   End IF

                   Script 2: (Installs a different menu set from that specified in Layout Setup.... if the user is a "limited" user)
                   If [ Get ( AccountPrivilegeSetName ) = "Limited" ]
                      Install Menu Set ["Limited"]
                   End IF

                   This second script can be performed from an OnLayoutEnter script trigger on any layout for which a "lmited" user is permitted access, but for which you only want the menus specified in the "limited" menu set to be accessible to them.

                   I sometimes use a conditional format on a button to turn the button's label text grey if the current user's privilege set does not permit them to use that button. In those cases, I often just have the script exit without doing anything if a user without the needed access clicks the button. This creates the illusion that the buttton is "disabled".

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                     Thank you Phil- I will try this!!!