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Managing Windows

Question asked by Vinny on Sep 6, 2011
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Managing Windows


I'm trying to find the best way to handle & manage windows for my DB.

I have a home screen which I will keep open all the time (so the user doesn't close the DB by accident).  I may decide to hide it instead of trying to keep it open in the background...

What I would like to do is make sure that any time a new window is opened by a button / script, that the db checks to see if that layout is already open (i.e. viewing a different contact or customer record).  If it is open, then use that window and instead of opening a new window.  I feel this will prevent the user from having a million windows open unbeknownst to them.

Please let me know if anyone can recommend something like this.  In particular, I'm looking for a way to get a list of open layouts, and if the requested layout is one of them.  If so, the script will use that window instead of opening a new one.

Also, my plan is to have a generic script that any script can call.


Thank you!