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Manipulating PDF Files

Question asked by rlamberts on Jul 31, 2013
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Manipulating PDF Files


     I am a physician and am building a record system on FM Pro.  So far so good.  Have a workflow where we get forms sent to us as PDF files (forms from pharmacies, insurance companies, etc) which need me to fill in information and/or add a signature, then fax back to who sent it.  I can export the PDF to an external program (Preview on my Mac or Acrobat) where I can do that kind of stuff and then import again.  But I would really like to be able to annotate/sign/manipulate the PDF within FM if at all possible.  I would also like to have PDF's within the patient records that they can sign and not have to re-import them (like permission to treat, patient contracts, waivers, etc.)  

     It would be a whole lot easier to be able to intract with the content of the container fields either on the computer or a tablet.  I do have an iPad, so I could do this on FM Go.  

     So what's the easiest way to do this?  Do I have to drop money on this to get a plug-in?  Will that be significantly easier than what I am now doing?  If so, which plug-in is best?