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Manipulating portal rows

Question asked by AntonChuykin on Nov 19, 2010
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Manipulating portal rows


Dear Colleagues,

Could you please help me to show how can I manipulate portal rows via scripting.

Here is my quick story: I'm working on a purchase orders DB. Each my order is, at least, 1 up to 20 trucks of goods. I have a goal to track each shipment and a payment for it. I started this topic already Auto-add record on some event, but I did it in a wrong way. I tried to duplicate my current record into X records, where X is number of trucks. Later, I found this idea stupid (as well as Phil here), because it ruined or, ok, made it very complicated, to run reports then. 

Now I want to try to make it via portal rows. For instance, I prepare my PO and press button below, that will run a script. This script is to calculate total amount of trucks per order (this one is easy) and, what I don't know how to do, will make in a new layout X rows for each truck. 

Could you please lead me to a proper way of making this? Which relations should I make, how-to make this rows? Add record in this "tracking" layout? I tried it myself several times and ways and still can't do it in a proper way. Thank you beforehand. 

My current script looks like:

Set Next Serial Value [ Tracking.portal::tracking.portalSERIAL; 1 ]

Set Variable $tracking; Value:Tracking::trackingID ]

Go to Layout [ “Tracking” (Tracking) ]

New Record/Request

Go to Layout [ “Tracking.portal” (Tracking.portal) ]

Loop New Record/Request Set Field [ Tracking.portal::tracking.portalID; $tracking ]

Exit Loop If [ Purchase orders::transportCALC = Tracking.portal::tracking.portalSERIAL ] End Loop

Go to Layout [ “Tracking” (Tracking) ]

Layout TRACKING is layout that shows portal, TRACKING.PORTAL layout is layout with portal fields

Purchase orders::transportCALC is calculation that will shows how many trucks contains this order.

But it doesn't work at all. First, because Purchase orders::transportCALC doesn't show me related to main purchase order calculation, so it doesn't STOP when I need it to exit loop. This must be due to relations problem. I'm working on it. Second, this script doesn't add new records in my portal.