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manual import

Question asked by synergy46 on Oct 21, 2009
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manual import


I am sorry if this 'as plain as the nose on my face' but I don't get something.  Here is the situation.

I am running FM 10v303 in OSX 10.6


My app has 8 tables and 30 scripts.


When I run a certain script it brings down OSX.  If I run the same script in debug it works as expected.  Go figure.


Copying, compacting etc don't eliminate the problem.  So, I create a blank database.  But, after the first table is imported,

and after I select a different table from the source, in the target, the equivalent table is grayed out!!!   I can create a new table but that 

begs the question "why should I create a new table when I can see that the table exists.???"


Got any ideas?