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    Manual Labels



      Manual Labels


      When creating four across labels of  1/2 inch by 1-1/2 inch which is Avery # 5167 and not supported by Filemaker I cannot get the print to line up horizontally.   The four labels print but use only about 2/3 of paper width.  If I try to make the labels wider than 2 inches the program will not accept it and I can find no way to correct it.

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          You can use Custom Measurements to include the 'gutter' between labels.  You can specify number of labels (in your case 4 ) and width up to combined width of 8.5.  Take the width of the left and right margins, add your label size x 4 and then divide the difference by 3.  Increase your label width by that number.

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            After much delay caused by my failure to record checkin data I will comment on your suggestion.  I did pretty much what you said but I still had trouble getting the horizontal print to fall in correctly.  If there is a way to adjust that spacing I could not figure it out.  In the end I printed my labels as down first and used only enough input for two columns.  The first two columns were spaced close enough that I could used them.  I then reinserted the label sheet in the opposite direction and printed the other two columns.  (My client wanted all the labels to be the same- He makes wooden pens using standard workings and these labels just are for attaching to the pens)

            Thanks for your input and if you know of a way to adjust horizontal spacing I would like to know how you did it.