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Manual Y axis data labels

Question asked by Stu412 on Aug 21, 2015
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Manual Y axis data labels


I have a chart which cannot be resized, simply because it's printed alongside 3 other charts of the same size and they need to be uniform.

I'm displaying percentage data on one of the other charts, 0-100 % on the min and max settings in chart inspector.

On the second chart, I want to show 40-60 % on a chart the same size, but FM creates some funky numbers in the axis range (43%, 46% as examples - the sort of things you simply would not put on a major chart axis.)

It also doesn't show 60% on the top of the chart, instead stopping at 58%


How can I force FM to use a manual series for the axis which I determine, such as 40,45,50,55,60 etc?

Thanks in advance everybody