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    Manually save file



      Manually save file


      I have a computer problem where sometimes I shut the lid and and when I reopen the computer is frozen and requires a full shutdown, restart to get back up. When it is up, about the last 20 minutes of data entered into FM is gone.

      How can I do a force save in FM? I want to be able to hit a key stroke and then it will save everything right then as opposed to relying on the the Preferences Memory setting. I now have that at Save Cache Contents at Idle Time which is what it has always been on.

      Also, how does FM define Idle Time? What does that mean? When does it save in Idle time? Is it idle for just that file or does the entire FM program have to be idle? The reason I ask is that in some cases, I am constantly using FM and may files for hours.

      Any help here would be greatly  appreciated.
      I have FMPro Advanced 13.0 v5
      OS - Windows 7


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          Better find out why your computer freezes like that as this is not normal behavior.

          "Idle time" is any time that a user is not actively interacting with the application. No clicking of buttons, entering text, etc.

          There are options to commit records on demand but not to save the Cache to the hard drive.

          Until you get the "lock up" issue resolved, I recommend closing the file before you close your lap top.

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            I am trying to fix the freeze problem.

            I would like to know more about the Save Cache Contents at Idle Time. What is the define time period that FM 13 must be Idle for the cache to be saved to the hard drive? I cannot find this anywhere. If I knew this time period, I could simply go to another program or take a break for that time period and that would ensure my file is saved.

            So the only way to force a save in FM 13 is to close the file or entire FM application. Is this correct? No keystroke command available to save cache to HD.

            Thanks and I look forward to the reply.

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              Timothy Bentley

              I've never used it, but I assume the Flush Cache to Disk script step does what you want.

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                Yes, that script step, which I had forgotten about, should do exactly what you want. I'd still be inclined to close the file however as leaving the file open when things crash like this can damage your file.

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                  Thank you for that script. I will try and close file out but when you are going office to office, you need to be able to close the lid with confidence that all will be saved in the case of a freeze.

                  Thanks again everyone!!


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                    Yes you need that confidence, but the solution is not this script step. The solution is to eliminate the cause of the crash.

                    I "close the lid" on my Windows 7 system with multiple local files open and I do not have this problem.

                    Until you get the crash issue resolved, you risk damaging your file and that is a far bigger problem than taking a few extra minutes to close and reopen a database.

                    And I don't think knowing how long FileMaker waits before flushing "on idle"--a question for which I do not have an answer anyway, will be helpful to you.

                    You need to fix the crash issue rather than trying to live with it.