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Manufacturing question   Manufacturing question

Question asked by charlesbob on Mar 8, 2010
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Manufacturing question   Manufacturing question


We have a flower shop and use FMP8.5 for our wedding quotes.


On the wedding quote (the flower order database) there are line items for everything we sold to the bride (i.e., bouquets, buttonholes, arrangements etc.) That part is all ok.


What I need to do is "break down" those line items into components for costing and purchasing.


For instance, a bridal bouquet might be made of some roses, some other flowers, some greenery,

some ribbon, and some labour. Likewise the table centres, the arrangements in the church, etc.


Once the line items have been broken down (i.e. costed) into their various components

I want to then sort and sum the component quantities and pass that list on to our  buyer.

The buyer would be asked to buy 6 bunches of roses which would (say) be used over

the bridal bouquet, the buttonholes, the corsages and whatever else.


My question is how do I set up a portal for the line items so that when I click on an item

it expands and lets me cost out that line item?


I want to do this in one portal rather than highlight an item in portal #1 which would show

me the components in portal #2.


Also if everything was in the one portal I could easily see which items have (or haven't) yet been costed.


Thanks in advance.


FMP8.5, MAC OSX 10.4