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Many fields locked to editing from table view (edit: fixed!)

Question asked by KF on Jul 24, 2014
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Many fields locked to editing from table view (edit: fixed!)


     In the Filemaker 13 database I have been working on (Well, I'm using FMP13 and it's running on FMS13, but users use FMP12 or WebDirect), a peculiar problem just arose. Many of my fields (tempted to say every one made before a certain date, as there's newer fields that aren't showing this issue) can't be edited from table view! Here's an example of what a record looks like when I'm clicking down on a record (on this table, only the 4 "outlined" fields can be edited from table view; they don't seem to differ from other fields in any other particular way):

     It's not a *huge* issue, but it's a lot easier to compare records quickly side by side as well as mass-edit/enter data through table view than it is through form, so I'd like to figure out what the problem might be. I've found nothing after a couple hours of searches that suggests it's even possible for individual fields to be locked to editing from table view (though I've found it's possible to lock records/rows individually, and you can't edit table view without Full Access privileges; neither of those fit this scenario, as entire fields/columns are locked here, but not all of them). I'll provide any other information that might help fix this, I'm just not sure what would be relevant right now.


     Edit: Fixed. Posted solution below, in case anyone else has this issue and is searching for the solution in the future.