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Many to Many

Question asked by deliciousapple on Jul 14, 2009
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Many to Many


I have a client database.  Among other things, I need to keep track of medication and dose that each client is taking.


One client can take many different types of medication at one time.


I do not want to have to enter the medication over and over again for each record in the client table, this seems redundant. 


A separate table named "Medication" seems appropriate. The only field that would be in this table (besides Key Fields) would be one named "medication name"


If I relate "Clients" table to "Medication" table it seems to this novice that I would have a many to many relation, i.e. one client can have many medications and each medication can belong to many different clients.


Do I need a join table?  Am I going about this simple problem the wrong way? 


Thank you for any help, this database stuff is giving me the need for medication.