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Many to Many Portal

Question asked by DaisyBlanton on Nov 20, 2011
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Many to Many Portal


I have FileMaker Pro 11 and am fairly new to Filemaker.

I have a name file with multiple email addrs related to it. I set up a portal in the name layout and was able to add or delete email records successfuly with it. However the same email addr can be used for multiple names. I set up the name_email table to handle the many to many relationship. The portal displays the existing email info correctly. However it will not let me add an additional one to it. I figure I will need a script to check the email table to see if the particular email already exists and, if not, to add one. Then put the name ID and the email ID from the looked up record or the new one in the name_email table. The portal shows the new row but will not let me enter into it.

Thanks for any help.