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Many to Many relationship

Question asked by ex5931 on Oct 15, 2010
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Many to Many relationship


I have a database where I want to input information from invoices and then match as many or as few stores to that invoice as I want. So what I have is a table called invoice and a table called stores and I have another table called match. so in the match layout I have a portal for invoice and a portal for stores. I then have a serial number that is generated on all the three tables so they all share a common serial number. My problem is when I go to report my data. When I base my report on invoice, it shows all the invoice line items, but only the first row on the stores. When I base my report on stores, it shows all the stores but only the first line of invoice items, what am I doing wrong? I want it to report all the information from all the invoice items and all the fields related to that invoice.