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Many to Many Relationship issue

Question asked by nick_1 on May 30, 2012
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Many to Many Relationship issue


 Hi All,

I am new to filemaker pro but have done some database work in school. I am having an issue with being able to relate a many to many database. I would like to link many projects with multiple images vice versa. I thought a checked box would work, but I was getting a <value list missing>.

For each project there is a unique ID and this ID is associated with the other tables through the ID. For examlple: image1 is associated with project ID 2, and project 2 is associated with image1. I would like to have multiple project ID's associated with image1. I understand that many to many relationsips  aren't best practice. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance! I can provide additional info or screen shots if my situation was difficult to understandSmile

Would I need a intermediate table to make this possible ( join )?