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Many to many relationship, join table

Question asked by Barthelemy_Hatt on Dec 28, 2009
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Many to many relationship, join table


Basic many-to-many relationship, Cannot figure-out how to input data in a smart way in the join table.


The database is for recipes. It has 2 tables + a join table.

One table are recipes (e.g. cheese cake, plum pie..) with a unique recipe ID

One table is for ingredients (e.g. Flour, Sugar) with a unique ingredient ID

Join table has recipe ID and ingredient ID, + other fields like the quantity of an ingredient in a recipe (e.g. there is 4oz of sugar in the cheese cake)


Both tables link (one-to-many) via the relevant IDs to the join table.  


I need to populate the recipes and ingredients tables by typing-in each element - fair.

However, the only way I found to populate the join table is to type the IDs line by line...not so much fun


Tried with Drop down lists refering to fields in the recipe or ingredient table - would not work.

Looked long and hard in the forum, cannot find an answer.


Help very welcome. Seems simple, tried hard, cannot get anywhere.

Am using FMP 10 on Windows XP, file is on a local drive, am fairly new to FMP and Databases