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    many to many relationships



      many to many relationships


      Hi - I am a very new filemaker user and I have some questions about relationships. 


      I created a database to deal with properties and contacts.  Each of these tables has a one to many relationship with three other tables (prop. notes, files and activities and contact notes, files and activities)and a many to many relationship with each other (I have properties with many contacts and contacts with many properties).  To resolve this many to many relationship, I set up another table I'm calling link.  Now the property table has a one to many realtionship with link and so does my contact table.  Will this work?


      I have some concern about contacts that have no properties, will this be a problem for my database?


      Any help would be much appreciated!



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          Thank you for your post.


          Yes, if you have the relationships set up properly, which it sounds like you do, it will work.  That is, you can reference any records in another table if the key fields lined up properly.


          Having a table "Link" is your best option.  You can link to two of the different tables, and display information from both tables.



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