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Many to Many Relationships

Question asked by dinora on Mar 11, 2009
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Many to Many Relationships


I know this question has been posted but I am still not getting it. 


I need to link airports to cities, airports can serve many cities and cities can be served by many airports.


I have then created a joint table where I can assign an airport to a city


In summary

Country ---<Airport

Country---< City


Joint Table City to Airport

I have an AutoID for this table as well as the Airport and City


So I have linked City ID from the city table to City field on the join table one to many


But when I am trying to link the airport ID to the airport field on the join table it wants to do a Table occurrance and create a duplicate table.


Can you help as to why this is happening





Joint City to Airport


These are my tables and ideally then I want to have a portal where I can assign airports from the city table


I have a value list that displays airports by country which means on the portal if I am in Buenos Aires it should only display those airports that belong to Argentina