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Many to many relationships

Question asked by michaelbeach79 on Jan 27, 2010
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Many to many relationships



 I am relatively new to Filemaker and I am trying to use many to many relationships in Filemaker Pro 10 on Mac (10.6). The tables are:

County (one to many)


County Worker (many)

County Nurse  (many)  there can be many workers or nurse for each county.


I then have:

Client (one to many)


Bridge Table (many)


County (one to many) 


All tables have unique ids and are linked to field keys.


My problem is that I cannot access the County Worker and County Nurse info from the Client table.

I need to assigne a county for each client (this works fine), then I need to assign a County Worker and Nurse from the county to the Client table. I have tried drop down lists but this does not seem to work because of the one to many from the County to the Worker and Nurse tables.

The Worker and Nurse could be connected to the Cient table as a one to many, but I would like to access them through and keep them connected to the County,  I also don't want to create a loop that might cause problems later on.

Any advice would be appreciated.