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Many to many relationships with drop downs

Question asked by ArtStascausky on Aug 17, 2011
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Many to many relationships with drop downs


Assume the case of actors and movies. Each actor may work in many movies and a movie will have many actors. A portal would do the trick to relate the entities. This particular application requires a previous list of actors and movies, they would be drop downs or lists from the Actor Name field in the Actors table, and Movie names from the movie table. All new relationships should be done between these records.

 Writing a name in the portal creates a new record and a new relationship with the name written in the portal but not between original records.

 One solution would be to have two windows, one with the Actors table and the other with the Movies table, then you select the record you want to relate, press a button and execute a script that would write the right ID number in the key field in the joint entity.

 It seems to me there should be a better way to do it. Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you