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Many to Many Self Join Relationship

Question asked by EWeavis on Mar 5, 2013
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Many to Many Self Join Relationship


     Hi All

     I'm new to Filemaker and have got myself very confused about how to deal with a many to many self relationship (I think that's what it is?!) so any advice would be fantastic.


     The situation is this: I have a table called concepts, and I want to be able to set up a relationship so that every concept is linked to other concepts that are a previous knowledge requirements to understand that concept. I.e. A concepts will have  many other 'previous concepts' that would need to be linked. By the same token the said concept could also be a 'previous concept' for many other concepts.

     Is this a relationship I can display in filemaker? I have attempted it with a self join relationship, and a self join relationship with a join table, and neither seems to work properly.