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many to many to many thicket

Question asked by margotjacqz on May 13, 2011
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many to many to many thicket


Having a lovely time on my first fm database. I appar to have main parts up and working, but wandered into the marshes today on the above subject. There is still something I am not getting about linkages. Here's the basic outline, and I hope someone can help with the principles as well as details. I thought I had a grasp, but it's not fitting.

Three basic information tables: People, Companies, JobsIamWorkingOn(Recruitiig).  What I want to add is an ActionTable which will be the daily diary of notes, correspondance, telecons, proposals, meetings, to follow up, etc.  Each Action will have a subject, text, status, dates. Each Action might be related to one or more people, one or more companies, one or more jobs, in multiple combinations. And, of course, all of the above will have many actions. So many to many and a JoinTable. But something's not working..

I am perhaps muddled about link keys. And then how to build the new data entry layout for an action and linking it. So backing up, what's the foundation and where are the traps?

Thanks as always. margot