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Many to Many?

Question asked by TodPoirier on Apr 30, 2014
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Many to Many?


     I'm a Newbie to Filemaker and am overseeing work on a database for tracking inventory and trouble reports for the engineering department of a tv station.  The expectations of the database have grown since the first, simple, inception and now I need to figure out how to associate devices with each other.  I have one table listing inventory and all the things you'd want to know about a piece of electronic or computer equipment.  Now I need to create a tab in each inventory record to associate one piece of equipment with another.  I want to do this by bringing up a location pull down menu to choose the room the associated equipment is in.  This would then bring up a list of equipment in that room I could choose from to associate the items.  This list would have to have the ability to contain several items so I'm thinking a portal would be the best way to accomplish it, but I'm having trouble figuring out the relationships.  I know I need to create a join table, but none of the tests I've tried to put into place don't work the way I'd expect.  Here's a screen shot of my layout and relationships.