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Many-to Many Relationship

Question asked by StefanieVanSteelandt on Feb 16, 2013
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Many-to Many Relationship



     I am new to Filemaker Pro and I am having some problems with my linked tables.  I hope this explanation makes sense.

     My set-up is as follows in the pic below.

     My Donations table is what links the MONC Donors and Events tables together.  

     I populate half of the fields in the Donations table automatically.  Once I enter the Event ID, it automatically populates the event name...(with info from the Events table)  When I enter the Donor ID, it automatically adds the name, address... (with info from the Monc Donors table)

     This works great, but I want to create a portal in Monc Donors which lists all the donations one person has made.  This portal is based on info from the Donations table.  This is where my problems begin.  

     The portal shows all the info I ask for which I manually added to the Donations table (such as Donation Amount), but it does not show info which is linked from the Events table (such as Event Name).

     Will it only allow me to see manually added info in the portal or is there an (hopefully easy) fix to this?  I am new to this, so maybe I am missing something.