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Many-to-Many Portal

Question asked by crtopher on Oct 26, 2011
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Many-to-Many Portal


I have this relationship structure. I have a portal on the "case" layout showing "case_FFSItems". I can create records in this portal, adding records from FFSItems via the FFSItemsID field. I need to get the record in "FFSItems" that has the same scheduleID as the record in "case". Also, if I change the scheduleID in case, I need the FFSItems record to change to match (ie after I've already entered a new record in case_FFSItems with one scheduleID on "case" selected, I might need to change the scheduleID in that same case record and have the relevant FFSItems record accessed. 

I know I'm missing a vital link here. Help!

(I'll post an answer to this that has a snapshot of what the data in FFSItems looks like (showing that each Item can have a different associated scheduleID)