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many-to-many relations and portals

Question asked by willem67 on May 27, 2009
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many-to-many relations and portals


I will try to describe my problem as brief as possible:



  1. I use many-to-many relations and join tables to show related records in portals.
  2. I used one join table to tie four tables together.
  3. I use more than one portal per layout.
  4. This created the problem that once I fill (or click) a portal row; I also generate a row in the other portals. For deleting the same: when I delete a portal row then I delete a portal row in every other portals. I do understand why!!!
  5. So I decided to make separate join tables between every normal table.....
  6. The problem is that I can know only have one portal per lay-out. The other tables appear as non-related (gray) and are therefore not selectable...
When I create the lay-out I have to choose one table and I cannot choose any of the other duplicate tables (with the number 2....) What do I do?