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Many-to-Many relationship for Movies

Question asked by RobertBeauchamp on Nov 11, 2013
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Many-to-Many relationship for Movies


     I have been trying for a couple days to get the many-to-many relationship for a movie database, as described in the FileMaker training materials to work.

     I have set up Tables for Movie, Role, Actor, and set up the relationships as described in the training package.

     I've placed a portal in the Movies layout that has the role::character_name, and the actors::actor_name.  I am using a pop-up menu to control names entered for Actor.

     Everything works ok for creating new roles on the portal, and when adding a new actor (an actor name that has not been used yet) it works fine.  When I use an actor name that has been already used in a different movie it appears to work just fine in that layout, but examining the Actors table reveals that FileMaker created another instance of the same Actor_Name with a different primary key.

     I've tried quite a few different ways to get this to work right with no success, Any help would be very appreciated.