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Many-to-many relationship in same table?

Question asked by JeffMurchison on Oct 16, 2014
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Many-to-many relationship in same table?


I'm wondering if this is possible. I currently have 3 tables - Quotes, Invoices, and Projects. They're all related via a join table like so:

This allows me to link quotes to invoices, quotes to projects, invoices to projects, etc. It works very well. However, sometimes we have multiple quotes or invoices for a project. Right now, the only way to tell is to go to the related Project record and look at some portals I put there which show the related Invoices and Quotes.

I'm looking for a way to see related items from the same table. So for example, if I have 2 Quotes for one Project, I'd love it if when I was browsing one of those Quote records, if I could see the other related quote in a portal or something.

Is there an easy way to do this?