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Many-to_Many Join Table

Question asked by FM_Rookie on Jul 28, 2011
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Many-to_Many Join Table & Autocomplete


I'm a newbie, so please speak slow.

I have a 3-way, Many-to-Many  join table. In either a layout or a portal, I want to be able to do a drop-down list with  auto-complete in the "Name" field from a related table (I have the  relationships correct, I believe), but have it also populate the _kf  with the _kp associated with that name.  I can get it to use list with  the _kp + name for the list, but then auto-complete doesn't work & the list is  WAY too long for practical use.  When I use just the name auto-complete  works, but all it will do is put that name in a field, not the _kp in  the _kf.  If the name is changed in the _kp table, it will not be  reflected in the join table.  Perhaps there is another method, but this  would be simplest for the user.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.