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    Map Feature



      Map Feature


      I created a database were i enter tickets for my techs. Is their a way were when i enter this address it populates a map automatically. And also a way to keep all my cell sites tracked on a map? Thanks is Advance.

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          Both options are possible, though it may take a bit of work to set up.


          You can place a map as a graphic object in a form view layout and then place transparent fields, buttons or portals on top of specific locations on the map. That might enable you to do what you want depending on the details of what you need to do here.

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            Steve Wright

            Two questions..


            1. Are you using windows or mac ?

            2. does it need to work offline ?


            The reason I ask is, if using windowsI have a sample file which may help, Im not 100% sure why but it has problems on mac's whereby it works sometimes, then doesnt for the most part, yet the same code works if hosted on a web-server.


            Secondly, it uses google maps and their API hence the online part, the html / relevant JavaScript is embedded in the web-viewer, it works very well on windows and can be made very dynamic.




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              I use both mac and windows, this will be used for techs to log in and see their work for the day. Thanks

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                Steve Wright

                Ill send you a PM with the link anyway, it may give you some ideas...



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                  I Apreciate the help. Thanks