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Mapping table from local to ODBC SQL breaks form?

Question asked by jamesv on Apr 24, 2014
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Mapping table from local to ODBC SQL breaks form?


     I am migrating a handful of existing FileMaker 13 Pro databases from local tables to ODBC sql table. If I'm creating a new form from a SQL table, it works great. Very fast, very secure.

     Unfortunately when I take an already existing form and remap it to SQL most of the values show <Field Missing>. Now I can remap them all manually, but it would take weeks :-(. Is there any way to do this? Please save my sanity and help a brother out.

     My current process:

     1. Export existing table to Excel, then import that into SQL server. I do add an ID column in SQL and some constraints in the schema, but nothing major.

     2. I open the FileMaker Database and go to File, Manage, Database, Relationships Tab, and then double click on the table, select the ODBC data source, then select the table that I created in step 1.

     3. ??? 60-70% of the fields now show <Field Missing>

     Any tip or tricks to avoid the <Field Missing> problem would be greatly appreciated.