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    mapquest button



      mapquest button


      I have 2 layouts....

      1st layout - supervisor profile where data is input about the supervisor w/ their address.

      2nd layout - company profile where the data/address is set in already and cannot be changed


      my problem is that i have a mapquest button that i created in the 1st layout, that when all the data is input about the supervisor, you can then press that button and it only plots where their address is.  it does not give directions / plot the "from" data from the 2nd layout.


      The Button is an "Open URL" button and ONLY plots the location and not "from" or directions.  Here is the code for it:

      "http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?" & "searchtype=address&" & "cid=filemkr&" & "address=" & SUPERVISOR::ADDRESS & "&city=" & SUPERVISOR::CITY & "&country=" & "" & "&zipcode=" & SUPERVISOR::ZIP.


      I need to find out how to add code so it will plot the "from" location; therefore giving directions.  The 2nd layout data is coded as such:

      Table is  COMPANY INFO and the fields are COMPANY ADDRESS, COMPANY CITY, and COMPANY ZIP.

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          I am not so sure about Mapquest, but on Google Maps it's very simple.  See the followin URL:




          saddr = Starting address

          daddr = Destination address


          Just plug in your information where applicable.  I know when I search on google's site they put + signs where spaces should be, so that may be something you will have to fix.  Mapquest probably has something similiar that you can use by inserting the addresses into the URL.


          Good luck! 

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            im not sure how your code works.


            when i goto Insert, Web Viewer and choose Google Maps (US) and input the fields for Address, City, and Zip........it looks like this:


            "http://local.google.com/maps?" & "q=" & /*Address=*/ SUPERVISOR::ADDRESS & "," & /*City=*/ SUPERVISOR::CITY & "," & /*State=*/ "" & "," & /*Zip Code=*/ SUPERVISOR::ZIP & "," & /*Country=*/ ""


            There is no place to input the fields for Destination info.

            So, I'm not sure how I can manipulate your code to meet mine.  I've tried and no go.  i will keep pluggin away but hopefully someone posts up a fix.