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           I am new to filemake and I am trying to set up a map in my database using a custom web address like the one in the contact starter solution. But I am getting a Google 400 error code. I looked the code up and it said that google does not reconize the request. I made sure that the file's URL option is on and that the Getmap formula is the same as the starter solutions. Does anybody have any suggestions

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               You will have to post a copy of the url you are using. What version of FM are you using and are you using the advance version or standard.  

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                 GetMap ( "Map1" ; 14 ; Customer::Work Address 1 ; 
                 Customer::Work Address 2 ; Customer::Work City ;
                 Customer::Work State ; Customer::Work Postal Code ; 
                 Customer::Work Country ) &" &Output=embed" & "iwioc=near" 
                 This is the formula that I am using in the web viewer setup using Filemaker Pro 12.0v3 Advanced and I have the "Automatically encode URL" check box checked. I am using a Mac Book computer and the URL check box in the system setup is checked. I'm not sure how to send a copy of my URL.
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                     GetMap is a custom function. You will need to copy the custom function from the sample contact app.  Im not sure what your Output and Iwioc are for,but any html will need to be added to the Getmap function.   GetMap takes care of embeding the map into the field.  There is also a zoom setting in the GetMap function. The 14 passed to GetMap is the Zoom setting.   You can copy the html out of the GetMap and use it , but GetMap does a better job of handling your address.