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Maps when- in Web viewer

Question asked by VanceMorrison on Jun 25, 2011
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Maps when- in Web viewer


Hello all : 

I need help on how do i set the string for google maps within web viewer .. This is the string I use ..It get info from my data base of my users .. and I have one record(in the same database) in which I want to get a starting point from ..When i put in the info in web viewer to the right it only allows me to put in and end point .. I need it to look at my data base and get a start point from out of the data base ..

Here is what I have

""&"q="&/*Address=*/Client Number::Address&","&/*city=*/Client Number::city&","&/*State=*/Client Number::State&","/*zip Code=*/Client number::zip &","&/*country=*/""

This string will get my clients info but (how do I put a starting point looking in my database for the information? 

Im useing FMPRo10 windows 7 , ... can this be done??????

  Thank you,