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    Margin printing problem with Xerox



      Margin printing problem with Xerox


      Hi Everyone,


      I have a user who is experiencing problems when she prints to a Xerox WorkCentre 5755, she is printing from FMP 11, Windows XP. She has reported issues that on random occasions it will print with incorrect margins, mainly it seems to shift the whole thing to the left and has a wider right margin then it should. But she also claims that if she prints it again then it'll print correctly. It doesn't have a problem printing from other programs as well. Is there anything that can be done about this or just random problems that can be disregarded? Thanks for the help anyone can provide.

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          I haven't seen any specific reports of problems with that printer. There are issues with some bizhub systems so an issue specific to a given printer or printer driver is not out of the question. It wouldn't hurt to check with Xerox to see if a more up to date printer driver is available for download.

          You do need to look at the design of the layout on which this report is based to rule out all possible issues with the design of that layout. A change in paper size or orientation could produce differences in how the layout prints, for example. Layout objects set to slide left might also be a culprit.