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    Marina map with boat name overlays



      Marina map with boat name overlays


           I have an idea.  I'd like to use a wireframe map of our marina and put fields in the various slips to show each vessel's name and maybe click on that name field to display other vessel-specific info.   I envision one layout where 30 or so vessel names are displayed.  I've uploaded the wireframe for reference.  I don't even know where to start.  Would appreciate any help on this first step.  Thanks, Paradiso


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               I have a couple of zipcode maps. The map shows local zipcode regions with a numbers overlayed that show total customer invoices for each zipcode for a specified date range. I used relationship filtered portals for this as it is implemented in FileMaker 10. In FileMaker 11 or newer, I'd use a filtered portal to get the same result with a less complex relationship graph.

               Put a field in your Vessels table that stores the slip number.

               Then put one row filtered portals on top of your marina image to display the vessel name. Give each such one row portal a filter expression such as

               Vessels::Slip = "D-30" to filter for a specific Vessel record.

               To pop up additional info about the vessel from this layout, there are two options you can play with: Use a calcualtion inside the ToolTip setting for a field in the portals to display additional information. This info will then pop up automatically when you hover the mouse over that field.

               Use button setup to turn the Vessel Name fields into buttons that use Go To Related Records with the New Window option to pop up a small window displaying additional data about the Vessel when you click that field.

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                 Thanks for a starting point.  I'm sure I'll be back to forum for more sage advice.