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Marking and printing a subset of records from a database

Question asked by Turlough on Nov 25, 2008
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Marking and printing a subset of records from a database


A music teacher friend wants a setup where she can pull out and then print, let's say, 10 - 15 tunes from a base of maybe 150 tune lyrics and print out those selected tunes for students. Different sets of tunes for different students. Putting the tune lyrics into records is easy enough. In addition to the main layout where each tune is a record and each tune lyric and title separate fields, I assume I need therefore to make a list-layout, where each tune title (i.e. a record field) is on a line and beside the tune title there is a check box. The person scans the list, clicks the ones she wants, then clicks a button that assembles the tune lyric fields of the marked records into a new layout for printing. Putting the tunes into a fmp database is simple enough, just each tune is a record and separate fields for the tune lyrics and the title, plus a few other fields. But how to get a check box to identify and mark a record just stumps me so far. I am fairly inexperienced, but working my way through a mountain of tutorials and making headway, but I hit the wall with this one. If someone could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. Thanks, Turl.