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Marking weeks as sold in "inventory"

Question asked by Meulendijk on Feb 16, 2010
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Marking weeks as sold in "inventory"


I am a new user, working with FM Pro 10.0v3, on a Mac, OSX 10.5.8. 


We let 9 holiday cottages, and are in the process of putting the guest/letting admin into FM.


The cottages are usually let per week. Prices vary over the year, and vary per cottage.


In our "old" (current, manual) setup we maintain a matrix type availability chart, with weeks, price for those weeks, per cottage. From that setup we like that we have a good overview of what's still available, and what's been booked.


Currently the envisaged setup contains "Cottages", "Guests", "Bookings", and something which for the time being goes as "PriceList".


"PriceList" contains records for each cottage, for each week, with the relevant price. Weeks are distinguished by the field "Week_Start_Date". I don't know whether this would be the best way to set it up; hence this query.


I'd like to be able - when making a booking (i.e. creating a new record in "Bookings") - to collect the relevant price for the booked week/cottage from "PriceList", and by doing so automatically alter a field "PriceList::Cottage_Week_Booked" to read "Yes" or similar, but cannot seem to get this to work. This would allow us to very simply create overviews of bookable/booked weeks, per cottage and period. 


Any ideas?