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Mass Donor Communication/Correspondence Summary: Where to Start?

Question asked by CourtneyTran on Jul 30, 2013
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Mass Donor Communication/Correspondence Summary: Where to Start?


     I have a donor database. For each donor/record, I have a tab for sending emails and also for typing letters to be sent to that donor (a thank you letter/update letter about our organization) and a table where I can indicate any gifts given to a particular donor (ie: teddy bear)

     What I want to be able to do is draw up a massive report of some sort for each individual donor that will summarize all communications/correspondences I have had with that donor. I want the report to update in real time in conjunction with any additions or changes made to the records (ie: sending a new email to the donor). Ideally, the report will look like a dashboard that will show:

     (i) Any gifts the donor received (a count of how many)

     (ii) If they've received a thank you letter and when (along with a link to the archive of those letters in filemaker)

     (iii) A record of email communications (made via Filemaker server) to that donor (along with a link to the archive of those emails in filemaker)

     (iv) A record of any any phone calls made to that donor (with the date of the call and comments I typed in about the phone call).

     Any suggestions on how to go about generating a report that works this way?

     My two main questions then become:

     1. How to archive letters and emails generated in filemaker (and how to access them)

     2. How to create a dynamic input chart of some sort that allows me to enter in communications each time they are made for a particular donor under his/her record (ie: a chart that has fields for date of correspondence, type of correspondence (ie: phone), and notes regarding the correspondence)

     This is beyond what I know how to do in Filemaker at this point. I've been doing research on "dashboards" but I don't quite understand what they are or how to start, and the videos I've watched are more confusing. Is this even an option for my purposes? Are there any suggestions on what Filemaker features I should look up or use to try and achieve the ends I am aiming for?