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    Mass e-mailing



      Mass e-mailing


      I took over a kids basketball program in La about 20 years ago and inherited a FMP data base as an unpaid volunteer.  It's a GREAT program for my needs and I'm good at using what's there but need some help with new stuff.  I added a place for each child's e-mail address and I'd like to send mass e-mail announcements but do not know how to set it up other than copying and pasting each address into my e-mail but this would take forever because I've got around 1100 kids in the program so far this year.

      Finally - my question:  How can I import all of the e-mail addresses into an e-mail (I use yahoo for the program's address)?  Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.




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          You shouldn't use your Yahoo account for this. You will run into lots of problems, starting with Yahoo's limitations on the number of e-mails you can send. Your e-mail sends are going to be indistinguishable from spam.

          Instead, sign up for a free account with an e-mail newsletter service, like MailChimp. You'll then need to export your e-mail addresses from Filemaker and upload them to MailChimp.

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             Thank you very much for the advice about MailChimp, I will give them a try if I ever figure out how to send a mass e-mail.  Yahoo has several other limitations that are getting annoying.

            So, does any one know how can I import all of the e-mail addresses into an e-mail?  Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

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              Maybe you misunderstood. MailChimp is a subsitute for sending a mass e-mail through Yahoo. Don't try to send mass e-mail through your e-mail account. Only sadness will ensue.

              It's technically possible to have Filemaker tell Yahoo to send an e-mail to 1,000 people, but Yahoo will reject it. I believe they have a 100 recipient limit.

              Creating a Yahoo group is probably even a better idea than MailChimp.

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                 Okay, once again, I really appreciate your advice.

                And, once again, I really need to know how to send out a mass mailing using the e-mail addresses in my FMP data base.  I could easily limit each e-mail to less than 100 if that was a requirement or use MailChimp to send them all at one time.  Right now my only option is to copy and paste each of those e-mail addresses. 

                So, does anyone know how I can have Fimlemaker tell Mailchimp or Yahoo to send an e-mail to either all or up to 100 of the e-mail addresses in my data base?  Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

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                  The email process is scriptable. Do you know how to create scripts in FileMaker?

                  If you can, it may be possible to set up send Mail to send out your emails. The details can very depending on whether you are using a compatible email client program or SMTP (might be needed for MailChimp, I defer to David on that one.)

                  What version of FileMaker are you using?

                  If this is a recent version such as versions 9, 10, or 11. Use "new from starter solution" to create a new database named "Email campaign management" You can open it and examine it's scripts as a starting point for setting up your own email capability in your system.

                  There are several ways send mail can send out emails. It can use BCC (blind carbon copy) so that each person gets exactly the same email but the email addresses for other recipients are not visible in the email. There's a multiple emails option that can send the same email to everyone in your found set.

                  And there are ways to personalize the emails so that each email refers to the recipient by name by referencing that data stored in your database file.

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                     I have version 9, could upgrade to 11 if there was a good reason.  But, no, I never learned how to create scripts but I'm trainable.

                    Got any tips or should I just read the instructions?



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                      You'll need to invest some time learning how to create scripts in FileMaker. We'll be glad to help, but a forum can't teach you everything that you'll need to know.

                      I'm not very familiar with version 9, but it may well have the same starter solution. You'll need to check and see.

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                        I am using FMP directly and Apples Mail.

                        FMP/Scripts/Manage scrips/New

                        Involves a script with 2 lines: 

                        Enter find mode  (to select fmp records with e-mail address in a specified field)

                        Then the step  Send Mail, when you entert this command click on specify. This will bring up a screen: Send Mail Options

                        select create one email using current record.  TO: enter your own email (for testing) FOR BCC enter name of your email field, CHECKCollect addresses across found set, enter Subject  enter messaage or attach a file click OK. this will create all parameters for Send Mail ctep

                        save script and execute. this will bring up MAIL with BCC filled in with your email addressses. ( I do not know of a limit of emails)

                        I am sending out about 75 emails every month. works great.