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    Mass Emailing



      Mass Emailing


           Hello out there. I want to use the Email Management starter solution from FMP 11 to mass email. The problem I see is that it does not matter what option I use , 'One Mail' or 'Multiple Emails' together with the 'Collect Addresses from Foun Set' it is still sending one email at the time until it reaches the last email address on the group, I do no see the file taking ALL emails and sending the message just one time. I am not touching the script that comes with the starter solution (I wouldn't know what to do with it anyway). I assumed the solution could mass email the way we all do it manually: many email addresses at once. I consulted Help and the Forum but it seems like something FMP does not do, hard to believe. I will appreciate any help.

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               There are email plugins that address the shortcomings of FMP email routines


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                 Thank you for taking your time to answer

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                   And there are two ways to send out emails from Send Mail in FileMaker. The "multiple emails--every record in found set" option. Or you can put a list of email addresses in either the TO or BCC boxes of the Send Mail dialog.

                   You'd delmit the list of addresses with either commas or semi-colons depending on which work with your email client.

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                     As always, thank you for your time to answer. I got it.

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                       I wrote a little database to do mass emails.  When I wrote (and tested) on my Macbook I had 6 email addresses and it was sent almost instantly.  The next day when I installed the runtime at work for my colleague, it ran differently.  Each email caused Exchange Server to generate an warning.  So a Yes had to be answered for each email, all 500+.  It was still faster than his original plan to send them manually.  IT was not able to help.  A friend who knows Exchange Server said it was built-in protections against spamming software, which is how it was perceived.


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                         Hi, TknTexas. Thank you for your post. After going"here and there" I found a  function that does the trick emailing several addresses at the time ( I do not know how many it will handle at once though), but with 5 emails I did the test, it worked. In my case,  I placed the script step as a regular variable just before the Send mail step: Set Variable [$Receipts;Value: List (my related table::Email)]. It is working like a charm.