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    Mass Photograph Storage - New User



      Mass Photograph Storage - New User


           I'm wondering if it's even feasible to use FileMaker Pro as a mass photograph storage database. There are thousands of images, and I'm worried that database space is going to be an issue. The organization I'm interning for are currently using FileMaker Pro 11, and they would prefer to continue using this system.

           Has anyone out there used FileMaker for photograph storage and retrieval effectively?


           Thanks for any help in advance!

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               I use FMP11 to store all records for my personal photography going back decades, development and printing data, etc. It also has a container field with a low res (72ppi) image as a reference. There are separate tables for shows, framed images, etc.

               The number records shouldn't be an issue. I'm assuming you mean the data contained in the image files, as in my container field above. When you go to place an image file(jpg, for example) into a container field, with the empty container field selected (Insert>>Picture - navigate to the file and click Open) - at this point, there is a checkbox at the bottom of the window "Store only a reference to the file". If you check the box, it does what it says, it links to but does not store the image file in the database. This works well for in cases where all users are local and networked to the file, and keeps down the size of the database. If you have remote users, though, access and display delays can occur.

               I've done this before and kept all of the image files in one servier, on the same network as the data base server, and for local users it worked well. I've never done this with a large number of image files and stored them within the data base. 

               Others may have additional advice, my experience with this is limited.

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                 And if they upgrade to FIleMaker 13, there are new features for container fields--such as external storage that were introduced with FileMaker 12 that can make managing a library of image files even easier.

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                   If you decide to pursue this, I can probably help with the image file part of it also. I belong to other similar forums where private messaging is provided, for offline discussions. I see my Inbox link, but don't know how to create a private message - anyway, if you PM me, we can continue this.

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                     To send some one a PM here, click their name and you'll get a screen where you can send them a PM. You'll also see an option for "adding them to your network". If you use that method to add them to your network, you can go to inbox to send them a message at any time.

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                       Thanks, Phil