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massive portal slowdown

Question asked by gizmocreative on Oct 4, 2011
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massive portal slowdown


Hi all,

I have been heads down on a new database that has been a godsend for my work. I have managed to combine sales, graphics, logistics, accounts and admin departments, but I have had a few issues with accounts and admin departments having major slowdowns

to illustrate the layout the database is constructed as:

customers -< orders

Staff -< orders

accounts -< orders

admin -< orders

orders -< graphics item >- Graphics department


essentially most departments are linked into a one to many relationship with the orders table. for staff, each staff member has a staffID and each order is linked by that individual id. So i have made a layout that each sales member can see 6 filtered portals showing orders in various states. The has absolutely no issues whatsoever. The graphics department is pretty much the same story, but it is linked to graphics items with a portal. 

With the accounts and admin sections, I need on page that is essentially a layout that shows filtered portals of all the orders. because i only need one page for those sections I made a single record with an ID field (adminID or accountsID) then a matching field in the orders and made that field a calculation that is "=1". There is over 7500 orders entries and it takes over a minute sometimes to load the admin and accounts layouts. there is zero load time for the staff layout. did i make the relationship incorrectly? or do i need to adjust indexing. I guess the sorting of over 7500 records would be time consuming, but i thought this software could handle that with a bit more speed.


any help would be appreciated and if further information is required, please let me know and i will supply it.