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Question asked by JMadison on Dec 28, 2011
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Master List & Slave List  Synch Question - Please Help


I have a bit of an odd situation and I can't for the life of me figure it out. I'd appreciate any help on the matter.


I need to have a setup like THIS:

MASTERLIST - contain main data

SLAVELIST - contains MASTERLIST data + SLAVELIST data synched



Here is an example:


site 1 -

site 2 -

site 3 -


Create Slavelist 1 through script that populates with info from Masterlist + creates Slavelist 1 fields for EACH Masterlist item (in the above case it "site")

site 1 - + Slavelist 1 Yahoo info

site 2 - + Slavelist 1 MSN info

site 3 - + Slavelist 1 Google info


If I choose to create Slavelist 2 then the process should be able to repeat itself (EG - autocreate Slave list based on Masterlist).

Also, if I ADD or delete anything from MASTERLIST this should reflect on the Slavelists.

In Mysql this was pretty easy but in Filemaker I'm completely lost.

Don't know if I explained my situation clearly, please ask if something is unclear. I've tried to start this project in different ways but I can't figure it out.

Any help is greatly appreciated - thanks.


PS: Another way to explain it would be like this:

  • The Masterlist contains the sites which can be added and deleted.
  • Each Project is comprized of a Slavelist which contains the Masterlist info plus specific project info for each site.
  • The Masterlist should be synched with all projects (Slavelists) which should reflect any additions or deletions from the Masterlist.

I get stumpped when it comes to synching the tables (Masterlist with Slavelists). Is there a script for such a thing?