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master-detail relationship in fm10

Question asked by lucas_1 on Jul 30, 2009
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master-detail relationship in fm10


hello one and all,


i am trying to create a survey in fm.  the master table is for each survey, it contains when the survey was created and the name of the person being surveyed.  the detail table contains responses for each of the 40 questions for that survey created under the master.  the master-detailed is connected in a one-to-many relation in the Relationship Graph via a auto-serial field "Survey ID".  so at present i have 20 surveys/records in the master table and 40 answered questions in each survey so the detail has a total of (20 * 40) = 800 records.  there are three people being surveyed, so personA has 2 surveys, personB has 10, and personC has 8.  good.


ok, i want to create a single report.  the Header contains the total survey, i.e., 20.  then three subsections, one for each person with their name and the number of surveys for that person, i.e., personA has 2 surveys.  then under that 40 lines, one line for each question in the survey with each line showing the count of responses, the average, and for each question.


that should be pretty straightforward, but i can't seem to get it to work using "SubSummary when SortedBy"  even though i sort the records appropriately.  i can get the header with 20 and then each subsection for persons, but it won't show the 40 averages.  or, the 40 averages broken down by the three persons and their individual totals, but not the entire total of 20 at the top in the header, the header only shows a total of 1.


so, how do i negotiate fm to make this report the way i want it?  thank you in advance and have a great day.  lucas