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Master/Slave Portal + scripted master-drop-down-list

Question asked by stillsen on Jan 17, 2013
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Master/Slave Portal + scripted master-drop-down-list


     hey folks,

     I am using FileMaker Pro9 and have the following db schema:

     foster_parents --< foster_parents_2_children >-- children --< grandchildren

     foster_parents_2_children::_fk_fp_id = foster_parents::_pk_id
     foster_parents_2_children::_fk_c_id  = children::_pk_id
     grandchildren::_fk_c_id = children::_pk_id

     selected_grandchild is a grandchildren table (grandchildren duplicate):

     foster_parents >--< selected_grandchild

     foster_parents::selected_child = selected_grandchild::_fk_c_id

     layout: foster_parents
     master_portal: children
     slave_portal: selected_grandchild


     For the master portal, there is a scripted drop-down list (value list of children's names), where the children's names are displayed. Each child shall be unique and children are handled in a different layout.
     When a (chosen) child has no foster_parents (no record in foster_parents_2_children) a new record shall be made in foster_parents_2_children with the foster_parents (current record in layout) and the selected/chosen/clicked child.
     Furthermore the childs children (grandchildren) shall be displayed in the slave portal. If the child allready has foster_parents just the grandchildren shall be displayed.

     so far I have two script parts, one wich triggers grandchildren update/show (thanks phil ;) ) and one which is triggered by the drop-down-list and allows to choose a child.
     grandchildren-update/show trigger:

     set field (foster_parents::selected_child; children::_pk_id)
     Commit Records/Requests[]

     drop-down-list triggers:

     go to field(children::name)
     set variable($fn; value:get(activefieldcontents))
     set variable($current_object_focus; value:get(activefieldtablename)&"::"&get(activefieldname))

     pause/resume/script[duration (seconds):0)
     exit loop if [$fn != get(activefieldcontents) or $current_object_fokus != get(activefieldtablename) &"::"& get(activefieldname)]

     end loop

     But I have no idea have to achieve my goal. Tried pretty much but nothing seems to work right.

     For additional input, I would be most grateful! Also for completly new approaches.