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Question asked by Alana on May 20, 2010
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Match Fields


Hi There,


I am using FilemakerPro 11.0v1 on Windows XP and am having a problem with showing non matching data.


I have a Membership Table that records all info about all our member agencies includes the Field AgencyProgramName .

I have a Participation Table that records all info about all our activities including which agencies attended each activity in the Field AgencyName


These 2 tables are related by the AgencyProgramName and AgencyName and that works well for most of my reports but my problem is that not every Agency that attends an activity is a a member yet so they are not in my Membership table.


I need to produce a report or list or portal or something that shows me which non member Agencies(are not found in Membership Table) attended each activity.


Hope someone can help or smack me upside the head for trying something stupid, after 2 days of trying to find a solution I am willing to try anything.