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    Match fields not corresponding; help?



      Match fields not corresponding; help?


      I have several tables in a database and each table should share between two and four of its fields with two or three of the other tables.  In the relationship graph, I have the appropriate fields linked properly between all the tables, and I have it checked to allow for the creation/deletion of new records when one is edited.  However, when I add a record to a table, the information does not appear in the other tables.  What am I missing?  Is there anything else I need to do?  Shouldn't the information put into (for example) the Title field in TableA show up in the Title field in TableB, assuming the two fields are linking and the allow creation of new records option is checked?  Does it matter if there are already existing/blank records, or none at all?

      I'm on a Mac OS X 10.6, using FileMaker Pro 9 v1.  If it's applicable, the version I'm using is currently unactivated until my coworker returns from vacation and deactivates it on his computer.  The tables I'm using record different information pertaining to the same list of songs (one table contains program info, one licensing info, one budget info, and they should all share title and artist fields etc.).

      Any help would be hugely appreciated, as I'm new to this program!  Thanks! 

      ETA:  Should I be doing anything with portals?


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          The key question is "how are you adding the new record?"

          Example: IF you have a layout based on Christmas Ballet Act I Licensing Info with a portal to License Status Summary. If you enter data in the bottom blank row of this portal, then yes, FileMaker should automatically enter the Title, performer, Master Licnese Status and Sync. License Status fields from Christmas Ballet Act I Licensing Info into this new record.

          If you just go to a layout based on License Status summary and create a new record, then no, the data from Christmas Ballet Act I Licensing Info will not be automatically entered. You would need to set up a method for entering this information. Scripts can do this and you can also set up these fields with drop down lists or pop up menus for selecting the needed values to match the new record correctly.

          Note: I think you should take a step back and rethink your entire design. You appear to be creating very specific table occurrences (the boxes in your relationship graph) and long, detailed lists of match fields that are unlikely to match to more then one record in the related table. With your current approach, it would seem you would need a new layout (and new table occurrences) for each new Ballet act. Such an approach is very laborious and there alternatives that make this unecessary. (You can, for example, create a single layout for all Ballet acts and use finds to pull up all records for a specified act to see and work with all records for a given performance (or part of a performance).