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Match record numbers 0001 and 0001A-C?

Question asked by on May 19, 2013
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Match record numbers 0001 and 0001A-C?


     I need to consolidate 8 tables into one with the fields from all the tables on one layout. The creator of these tables had an 0001 naming scheme up to 1091 records but occasionally tacked on some letters as above. Record 0001 and 0001A-C are actually the same item in two seaprate tables but I don't know how to match those record numbers for importing one table into another (not sure if that's the right term for this action). I need to retain the A-C as it apparently indicates that item 0001 is made up of 3 compnents--A, B and C. Unfortunately the person's various tables relating to 0001 (and others) have some inconsistent record numbers like this. 

     Is there a way to get Filemaker to match on just the first four numbers and retain any subsequent letters in the record number? For example, I need to match 0001 from a classification table and 0001A-C from a materials table and 0001 from a table of photos of these items (historical artificial heart valves) and so on through the entire collection of over 1000. They didn't know how to organze from the start . . .

     Ideas appreciated,