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Matching creation date to a field that is entered

Question asked by SeanLyons on Dec 27, 2010
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Matching creation date to a field that is entered


I am very very new bee to FMP. So this is a simple question that I can not find out the answer too. I am making a database to enter maintenance fees for a condo association. So I will enter the check number, amount and would like the next field to auto enter the date I am doing this. What is happening is it fills out all 12 (because 12 months in a year) fields for creation date. Sum up 12 rows to enter data. At the end of each row i would like it to auto fill the date I am entering data on that row. Not go vertical on me and fill in all date created fileds with that date. Would love to find a FMP hobbiest somewhere out there that could build this in an hour in their spare time on the cheap.

Thank you for whatever help you all have,  LyonsSean(@)